Eriksson Loan to Europe

Asked Jul 12, 2019 by Donald W.
Vancouver Canucks logo Eriksson Loan to Europe

If the Canucks were to loan Loui Eriksson to a SHL team - would they get any cap relief? How does this differ from a loan to AHL? Are waivers required? Didn't Chicago so something like this with Christobal Huet?

Jul 12, 2019

If a player has a European Assignment clause in their contract, they could be assigned to Europe. If they are waiver eligible, they would need to clear waivers first.

If they clear waivers, whether assigned to AHL or Europe, the max Cap Savings is $1.075M (the Buried Cap Relief Amount). Therefore, if Eriksson has a European Assignment Clause in contract, he could go on waivers, clear, & theoretically play in Europe, but the cap savings would only be $1.075M.

When Chicago assigned Huet to Europe in 2010, that was under the old CBA which allowed 100% of Cap Hit to be buried if player was assigned to minors (or Europe). Therefore, if Eriksson has a European Assignment clause, he would need to clear waivers, & Vancouver's Cap hit would be $4.925M ($6M-$1.075M).