Free Agent Contract Projections from @thehockeycode & @samforstner

Introducing NHL Contract Projections by @thehockeycode and @samforstner

There are few dates more exciting in the hockey world than July 1st—at least in a normal year. The drama and intrigue surrounding NHL free agency has spawned an entire industry dedicated to contract rumours, predictions and analysis.

PuckPedia's mandate is to be the Ultimate Source for Hockey Fans & Professionals, and part of that includes helping to put a spotlight on the contributions of subject matter experts. We are happy to add to this year's Free Agency by showcasing the free agent contract projections of collaborators Idriss Bouhmouch @thehockeycode & Sam Forstner @samforstner. Idriss is knowledgeable on the CBA and comes from a finance and negotiation background, and Sam Forstner is an experienced hockey data analyst (previously @ Sportlogiq) with a background in statistics. Check out some predicted contract highlights below, and the link to the full projected contract file. Stay tuned for exciting announcements on the projected contracts being integrated into parts of

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Contract Projections for Top 5 RFA's with Arbitration Rights

Contract Projections RFA Arb

Contract Projections for Top 5 RFA's without Arbitration Rights

Contract Projections RFA no Arb

Contract Projections for Top 5 UFA's

Contract Projections UFA

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