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Latest Transactions
Florida Panthers logo
Jan 22
Assigned D Josh Brown to Springfield (AHL).
Florida Panthers logo
Jan 22
Assigned D Ian McCoshen to Springfield (AHL).
Florida Panthers logo
Jan 22
Assigned C Jayce Hawryluk to Springfield (AHL).
Minnesota Wild logo
Jan 22
Assigned D Louie Belpedio to Iowa (AHL).
Edmonton Oilers logo
Jan 21
Signed G Mikko Koskinen to a three-year, $13.5 million contract extension.
Anaheim Ducks logo
Jan 21
Assigned C Justin Kloos to San Diego (AHL).
Latest Injuries
Winnipeg Jets logo Ben Chiarot - Lower Body
questionable - Ques Mon | Updated Jan 22, 2019
Chiarot has missed the last three games with a lower-body injury and it is unclear if he will suit up for Monday's contest against the Flyers.
New Jersey Devils logo Cory Schneider - Abdominal
probable - Prob Mon | Updated Jan 22, 2019
Schneider is now off injured reserve after an abdominal strain and he is expected to be ready Monday against the Penguins.
New Jersey Devils logo Miles Wood - Lower Body
I-R - Ques Mon | Updated Jan 22, 2019
Wood has been placed on the injured reserve list due to a lower-body injury and it is unclear if he will be in the lineup against the Penguins on Monday.
New Jersey Devils logo Ben Lovejoy - Upper Body
questionable - Ques Mon | Updated Jan 22, 2019
Lovejoy missed the last two games with an upper-body injury and it is unknown if he will be available against the Penguins on Monday.
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Agent Leader-Board
Rank Agent / Agency Total Value of Active Contracts Current AAV of Active Contracts
1 Pat Brisson
CAA Sports LLC
$1,139,507,494 $189,266,666
2 J.P. Barry
CAA Sports LLC
$789,463,055 $165,969,617
3 Craig Oster
Newport Sports Management Inc.
$673,946,608 $179,708,175
4 Wade Arnott
Newport Sports Management Inc.
$530,941,665 $96,340,336
5 Mark Guy
Newport Sports Management Inc.
$520,223,682 $96,720,394
6 Kurt Overhardt
KO Sports, Inc.
$456,882,457 $93,036,278
7 Gerry Johannson
The Sports Corporation
$420,139,996 $85,740,415
8 Richard Curran
The Orr Hockey Group
$367,762,500 $60,168,561
9 Peter Wallen
Alterno Global Management LLC
$261,210,067 $48,611,787
10 Michael Liut
Octagon Athlete Representation
$258,532,500 $43,619,167
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What Agents represent the most Pending Free Agents?

What Agents Represent the most pending Free Agents?

2018-2019 NHL Salary Cap Space

NHL Salary Cap Limit: $79,500,000

NHL Salary Cap Floor: $55,400,000

Projected Cap Space
Atlantic Division
Team Projected Cap Space Active Roster Playoff %
Boston Bruins logo Boston Bruins $4,171,255 21/23 89.1%
Buffalo Sabres logo Buffalo Sabres $2,749,694 23/23 42.2%
Detroit Red Wings logo Detroit Red Wings $-7,552,450 23/23 0.1%
Florida Panthers logo Florida Panthers $2,077,026 22/23 5.5%
Montreal Canadiens logo Montreal Canadiens $9,295,258 23/23 74.5%
Ottawa Senators logo Ottawa Senators $6,546,627 23/23 0.1%
Tampa Bay Lightning logo Tampa Bay Lightning $1,709,800 23/23 100.0%
Toronto Maple Leafs logo Toronto Maple Leafs $5,514,857 21/23 98.3%
Metropolitan Division
Team Projected Cap Space Active Roster Playoff %
Carolina Hurricanes logo Carolina Hurricanes $15,776,515 22/23 16.1%
Columbus Blue Jackets logo Columbus Blue Jackets $6,350,839 22/23 86.8%
New Jersey Devils logo New Jersey Devils $13,993,114 20/23 0.6%
New York Islanders logo New York Islanders $9,839,194 23/23 99.1%
New York Rangers logo New York Rangers $2,378,332 21/23 3.0%
Philadelphia Flyers logo Philadelphia Flyers $8,169,949 23/23 0.3%
Pittsburgh Penguins logo Pittsburgh Penguins $-250,851 22/23 94.6%
Washington Capitals logo Washington Capitals $-148,237 23/23 89.7%
Central Division
Team Projected Cap Space Active Roster Playoff %
Chicago Blackhawks logo Chicago Blackhawks $4,048,714 22/23 0.6%
Colorado Avalanche logo Colorado Avalanche $11,038,222 24/23 74.3%
Dallas Stars logo Dallas Stars $928,414 21/23 59.9%
Minnesota Wild logo Minnesota Wild $1,578,009 24/23 59.8%
Nashville Predators logo Nashville Predators $6,437,254 23/23 99.3%
St. Louis Blues logo St. Louis Blues $121,037 23/23 15.8%
Winnipeg Jets logo Winnipeg Jets $5,955,179 22/23 100.0%
Pacific Division
Team Projected Cap Space Active Roster Playoff %
Anaheim Ducks logo Anaheim Ducks $-1,786,783 22/23 10.4%
Arizona Coyotes logo Arizona Coyotes $6,559,808 22/23 23.7%
Calgary Flames logo Calgary Flames $1,197,228 22/23 100.0%
Edmonton Oilers logo Edmonton Oilers $-1,668,510 22/23 15.0%
Los Angeles Kings logo Los Angeles Kings $-139,125 22/23 0.4%
San Jose Sharks logo San Jose Sharks $779,381 23/23 99.3%
Vancouver Canucks logo Vancouver Canucks $9,986,383 23/23 43.0%
Vegas Golden Knights logo Vegas Golden Knights $3,725,585 22/23 98.5%

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