2019 UFA Signings by Agent

Examining UFA contracts by Agent from Apr 1 to Sept 19, 2019, there were 157 UFA contracts signed by agents.

Craig Oster signed the most in Total Contract $ with $178M, followed by Paul Theofanous ($171M), Pat Morris ($77M), Pat Brisson ($75M) & JP Barry ($61M)

In terms of most total Cap Hit, Craig Oster was also 1st ($40M), followed by Paul Theofanous ($27M), JP Barry ($20M) & Pat Brisson ($15M).

The busiest agent was also Craig Oster, with 14 UFA signings, followed by JP Barry (9), Gerry Johannson (7), and Allain Roy (6).

Interestingly, Paul Theofanous was 2nd in Total Contract $ and Total Cap Hit with only 3 signings (Bobrovsky, Panarin, & Varlamov)

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Contracts by Agent Through Aug 6


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