2019 Pending Free Agents by Agent - Updated

Updated May 28, 2019

Some Agents will be very busy this summer.  Below is a summary of the # of Free Agents, both UFA & RFA, represented by each agent.

Craig Oster of Newport Sports (21 FA's) & JP Barry of CAA (20 FA's) will be the busiest, followed by Allain Roy of RSG (14), Markus Lehto of Acme Sports (11), Claude Lemieux of 4Sports (11), Gerry Johannson of The Sports Corporation (10) & Pat Brisson of CAA (10)

Note: Only players with 3+ NHL Games Played in 2018-19 were included.

To see which Free Agents each Agent represents, use these filters (Contract Expires in 2018-2019, Expiry Status UFA/RFA/RFA+ARB, GP 3+) on the PuckPedia Player Dashboard and then filter for Agent you're interested in.


Upcoming Free Agents by Agent
Upcoming Free Agents by Agent on PuckPedia.com


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