myPuckPedia GM Mode: Your personal salary cap site

myPuckPedia GM Mode: Your personal salary cap site

myPuckPedia is your chance to have your own personal salary cap site, where you can make your own transactions and see how it impacts any or all teams and players.  It's your salary cap site to use as a sandbox and be the GM of all the teams.

Signing up for a myPuckPedia account is easy and free.  Just hit the big blue button that says "myPuckPedia GM Mode" on the top right of the site. From there, create an account, and watch for the registration email. Hit the link from the email to finish setting up your account and password, and now you're signed up for myPuckPedia.  

Once you're logged in, there will always be a red bar (top right on desktop - top on mobile) that says Go to myPuckPedia Mode.  If you see that displayed, you're in the live PuckPedia.com site.

go to mypp

Once you hit Go to myPuckPedia Mode, you enter myPuckPedia mode, and you're in your own personal myPuckPedia salary cap site.  You can tell you're in myPuckPedia because the header will have a full red bar saying myPuckPedia, your user name, and show when you last synced the data to the live site. The top right of the banner also changes to say "Exit myPuckPedia mode".  

myPP Bar

When you're in myPuckPedia mode, the header has 3 options:

-myPuckPedia Home, where you can see all of the transactions you've made (myPP Signings and myPP Transactions), and the transactions from other myPuckPedia users under Community Transactions.

-Make Transactions/Make Moves, where you select a team and execute call ups/assignments, sign free agents or extensions, buyouts, or make a trade

-Teams, where you can see all the Teams' Cap Hit and Cap Space including the transactions you've made

If your account is set to Public, you can share any of your myPuckPedia pages, including team pages, player pages, and the myPP home page showing your transactions. Just copy and paste the link/URL, or use the Copy/Tweet buttons.  Note that when you hit Sync to update your myPuckPedia with the updated data from the live PuckPedia.com site, your transactions will be removed.  If you want to see some of the transactions other myPuckPedia users have made, look at the Community Transactions box in the myPuckPedia home page.  Click on any of the team logos or user names to see that roster or page.

The Last Sync Date is the last time your myPuckPedia was updated to the live PuckPedia.com data. Click Sync to clear out your transactions and update the data from the live site. All transactions in myPP are as of the Last Sync Date. For example, if you last synced on Jan 17, and it's now Jan 20, any transactions you do will be calculated as if they were done on Jan 17.

NOTE: If your rosters are ever blank/empty, hit the SYNC button to pull in the latest rosters from the Live site. 

To exit myPuckPedia and go back to the live PuckPedia.com site, either click Exit myPuckPedia Mode from the header, or click the PuckPedia logo on the top left.

We hope you enjoy being the GM of any or all teams! If you have any technical problems, or have suggestions for future features, please email info@PuckPedia.com 

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