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Check out PuckPedia's Agent Leader-Board.


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Agent Leader-Board
Rank Agent Name Total Value of Active Contracts Current AAV of Active Contracts
1 Pat Brisson $1,136,234,996 $189,625,833
2 J.P. Barry $719,087,328 $149,544,374
3 Mark Guy $596,630,000 $106,797,500
4 Craig Oster $589,397,495 $158,342,498
5 Wade Arnott $484,103,290 $80,876,961
6 Kurt Overhardt $474,424,125 $99,419,958
7 Gerry Johannson $400,385,000 $78,678,333
8 Richard Curran $367,762,500 $60,168,561
9 Peter Wallen $260,408,399 $48,341,995
10 Allan Walsh $253,138,324 $64,133,220
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