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2019 Pending Free Agents by Agent

Some Agents will be very busy this summer.  Below is a summary of the # of Free Agents, both UFA & RFA, represented by each agent.

Craig Oster of Newport Sports (21 FA's) & JP Barry of CAA (20 FA's) will be the busiest, followed by Markus Lehto of Acme Sports (15), Allain Roy of RSG (13) & Gerry Johannson of The Sports Corporation (12).

Note: Only players with 3+ NHL Games Played in 2018-19 were included.

To see which Free Agents each Agent represents, use these filters (Contract Expires in 2018-2019, Expiry Status UFA/RFA/RFA+ARB, GP 3+) on the PuckPedia Player Dashboard presented by Pure Hockey and then filter for Agent you're interested in.


Upcoming Free Agents by Agent
Upcoming Free Agents by Agent on PuckPedia.com