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2019 UFA Signings by Team

From April 1 to September 18, 2019, there have been $1,024,401,666 in UFA Contracts signed with a combined Cap Hit of $303,797,103.  

Of the $1 Billion in Contracts, 5 teams (Islanders, Florida, San Jose, Buffalo & Rangers) made up 49% ($505M) and each signed Total Contracts in excess of $82M.  The Islanders spent the most with $135M, followed by Florida with $108M.  Interestingly, Florida was the lowest spending team last off-season.

The busiest team was Tampa Bay with 11 signings, followed by Philadelphia, Toronto, and Montreal with 8 UFA signings each.

The average for a team was $33M in Total UFA Contracts, $9.8M in Cap Hit, and 5.4 signings. 

The lowest spending teams were Arizona ($1.4M Total and $700K Cap Hit), Los Angeles ($3.6M Total and Cap Hit) and Winnipeg ($4.5M Total and Cap Hit).

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