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Asked Mar 18, 2022 by Mike A
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Boeser Qualifying Offer

Can’t qualifying offers be completely avoided if a player signs an extension beforehand?<br />&#13;
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For example, Boeser is owed a $7.5mil QO. But can’t a team theoretically trade for him and agree to an extension at a lower cap hit?


Mar 18, 2022

Yes, a Qualifying Offer is not relevant once a player signs a new contract. However, from the player's perspective, the new deal will need to be attractive enough so that they don't prefer to just accept their 1 year Qualifying Offer.  Boeser is 2 years from being an unrestricted free agent, so unless a contract offer is good enough, he could theoretically accept his $7M Qualifying the next 2 years and be a free agent.

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