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Asked Mar 12, 2021 by Andy S
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Cap Hit after Expansion Selection

If Seattle chooses J Quick from the Kings(Expansion draft) is there a cap hit of 5.8M thru the next two years or do the Kraken pay only the 3.0M and 2.5M left on his contract and show it in their ledger(Cap) while the Kings have 2.8M and 3.2M remaining?


Mar 12, 2021

If a player is claimed in expansion, it's treated just like any other player movement like a trade/waiver claim, etc. The full cap hit goes to Seattle, and the team losing the player no longer has a cap hit. So if Seattle picks Quick from LA in the expansion draft, he'll have a $5.8M Cap Hit for 2 years with Seattle and LA will have no cap hit related to Quick.

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