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Asked Jun 30, 2018 by Twitter
New York Islanders logo Expiration of Tavares' ability to sign an 8 Year Deal

If Free Agent's cannot sign with new teams until 12pm on July 1, why did Tavares lose the ability to sign an 8 year Extension with the Islanders at midnight on June 30?

Jun 30, 2018

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The ability to sign an 8 year extension with a player's existing team ends when a player becomes a UFA. After that a player is only eligible to sign a 7 year extension, regardless of who they sign with.  The CBA says players become UFA's at the end of June 30, and that UFA's can sign new contracts at 12pm on July 1.  Therefore, Tavares becomes a UFA at midnight tonight, and that's the end of his ability to sign for 8 years. Then as a UFA, he can sign a new contract at noon July 1 for a maximum of 7 years, even if he signs with the Islanders.












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