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Asked Aug 12, 2022 by John T
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LTIR Limit

Is there a limit on the amount that a given team can put on LTIR, or can teams put unlimited number of player and money on LTIR?

I'm specifically wondering about that because of the golden knights situation. Can they put both Shea Weber and Robin Lehner on LTIR? 


Sep 2, 2022

There is no total limit on the amount of LTIR a team can use.  The only LTIR limit is on setting the LTIR pool, which is based on the cap space or how much over the cap the team is when placing the players on LTIR. You can read more here

For Vegas, Weber and Lehner can both be on LTIR to start the year, and if the team exceeded the cap by their combined cap hit, that would be their LTIR pool.

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