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Asked Aug 1, 2022 by Wyatt D
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LTIR player traded with Retained

How does retention work on a player who will spend all season on LTIR ? For example, if the MTL player Carey Price cannot come back and play anymore and MTL traded Price's contract to TOR.....can MTL retain 50% on that LTIR contract ? And if MTL does that affect the cap going into the following season ? Does his retention cap hit provide relief if MTL is over the cap at the start of the season ?


Aug 1, 2022

If a player on LTIR is traded and salary retained, the retained cap hit is on the trading team's cap and is no longer eligible for LTIR. In order for a cap hit to be on LTIR, the player must be the team's property and on LTIR. So in your example, if Price was on LTIR and traded with 50% retained, Montreal would have a cap hit for 50% of Price, and it would not be eligible for LTIR regardless of Price's status with his new team.

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