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Asked Oct 5, 2019 by Jared
Edmonton Oilers logo Manning Buried Cap Hit & Waivers

Brandon Manning has cleared waivers but remains with the Oilers (they have not yet sent him down to the AHL). In this instance, what happens with his salary in relation to the cap? Is part/all of his cap hit buried? 

Oct 8, 2019

A player's Cap Hit remains in full while he is still on the NHL Roster.  A player's cap hit is only buried once he is actually assigned to the minors. When a player clears waivers, they can be assigned to the minors without having to clear again within 30 days.  If Manning is assigned to the minors, his Cap Hit of $2.25M will be reduced by $1.075M (Burying Threshold) to $1.175M (Buried Cap Hit). 

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