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Asked Sep 29, 2023 by Carmen

RFA's Sitting Out

What happens if an RFA sits out a season? Does the "years to UFA status" number toll? Is the player still an RFA the following offseason?


Nov 3, 2023

If an RFA does not sign for a season, they do not accumulate a season towards UFA eligibility.  A player needs 7 seasons or be age 27 to be UFA eligible, and so that missed season would not count towards the 7 required season.  Since the player is an RFA, that means the team issued him a qualifying offer, and they would therefore keep his RFA rights for the next off-season. The only exceptions would be if based on his age and career experience, he's reached UFA eligibility (Group 3 or Group 6). 

Information on UFA eligibility:

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