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Asked Apr 22, 2021 by JF
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Salary Retained on Taxi Squad

Buffalo retained 50% of Eric Staal 3.25M cap hit. Montreal has 1.625M of Staal’s cap hit on their team cap hit. If Montreal want to send him on Taxi Squad, will Montreal have the full buried amount possible (1.075M of 1.625M)? Will Buffalo get cap relief too? How does that work?


Apr 22, 2021

After a contract is retained, the remaining portion that the new team carries functions just like a normal contract. So Staal is with Montreal at a $1.625M Cap Hit, and it functions just like any other player with a $1.625M Cap Hit. Therefore, sending him to the taxi squad would save $1.075M of cap hit, just like with anyone else.  Also, Buffalo's retained cap hit is locked in, nothing Montreal does this season with Staal has an impact on Buffalo's retained cap hit.

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