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Asked Jan 21, 2021 by John S.
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Stone Buy-out & Signing

The Flames bought out Mike Stone 2 years ago but then resigned him to a lower salary. I thought this was not allowed-he is now getting buyout money and active salary from Flames at the same time.


Feb 2, 2021

There is actually no rule against a player being bought out by a team and then signing with them (like Stone and the Flames).  The CBA required a one-year wait on re-signing a bought out player after a Compliance Buyout. Compliance buyouts were special buyouts after the last lock-out that allowed players to be bought out with the team not receiving a Cap Hit.  For Ordinary buyouts (like Stone), the section in the CBA (50.9 (1)) does not state that the player cannot be re-signed.

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