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Asked Nov 8, 2022 by Samuel G
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Timo Meier Qualifying Offer

What is going to be Timo Meier´s minimum QO?


Nov 14, 2022

For contracts signed prior to the July 2020 CBA, for players earning $1 million or more, their qualifying offer number is equal to 100% of their most recent year’s base salary. Meier will earn $10 million in salary this season (against a $6 million cap hit) so he will require a $10 million qualifying offer if his team wishes to keep his restricted free agency (RFA) rights.

For contracts signed after July 2020, the qualifying offer is the lesser of 100% of the most recent year’s salary and 120% of the cap hit. Stated another way, the maximum qualifying offer possible is 120% of the cap hit, even if the final year salary is higher.

Read more on qualifying offers here.

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