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Signings by Agent

Examining contracts by Agent, from Apr 1 to August 6, 2018, there 270 contracts signed by agents, excluding Entry Level deals.  These include both contracts starting July 1, 2018 and extensions beginning July 1, 2019.  

Craig Oster signed the most in Cap Hit with $46.7M, followed by Kevin Epp (29M), Pat Brisson, $27M and Kurt Overhardt ($26M).  

An interesting name is John Thornton, who signed 3 contracts (Joe Thornton, Couture, & Henrique), which puts him 7th in Total Cap Hit signed this off season and 4th in Total Contract $. Another interesting name is Drew Doughty, who signed his own extension ($11M Cap Hit), putting him 15th in Total Cap Hit Signed. 

In terms of most total contract $, Kevin Epp was 1st ($115M), followed by Pat Brisson of CAA ($108.9M) & Craig Oster of Newport Sports ($108.7M)  

The busiest agent was also Craig Oster, with 20 signings, followed by Allain Roy (15), Pat Brisson (11), JP Barry (11), Kevin Epp (10) and Gerry Johansson (10). 

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Full Recap of Contracts by Agent

Contracts by Agent Through Aug 6
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