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In order for a player to be assigned to the minors, they need to clear through waivers unless:

-they are exempt (see below), or

-they previously cleared waivers and have not played in 10 or more cumulative NHL Games since OR been on the NHL roster for 30 cumulative days.

When a player is put on waivers, all other teams have the opportunity to claim them.

Waivers Exemption


*Reduced to 3 years the first year 11+ NHL Games Played

**Reduced to 4 years  the first year 11+ NHL Games Played

*** Exempt for remainder of season

Once a player 20+ Age plays 1 NHL Game, that is considered the first year

For players that were not yet waiver eligible as of the Covid Roster Freeze in March 2020, the waiver eligibility requirements have been pro-rated as follows:

Waivers Eligibility COVID MOU