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NHL22: How to make Franchise Mode Accurate due to LTIR

NHL22 Expert Data782 shares his tips & tricks!

2021 RFA Arbitration List

17 Players filed for Arbitration
Show me the money hockey podcast

Draft, Trades & Signings on Show Me The Money Hockey Podcast!

Pre-Free Agency Pod, Hosted by PuckPedia & Jonathan Davis
Draft Kings Scoring

DraftKings Hockey: Beginner NHL DFS - Scoring

Breakdown of Scoring Definitions & Strategy in NHL DFS
When Will Cap Go Up

When will the Cap Go Up?

Earl Schwartz dives deep into this critical topic

DraftKings Hockey - Top DFS Plays this week

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LTIR Pool Optimizing: Oilers Example - Updated

PuckPedia analyzes how a team can maximize LTIR

Why would a team trade for an LTIR Player?

How would a Zetterberg trade help Tampa?