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Sep 21 2023

PuckPedia partners with Puckdoku!

Puckdoku, the Original Hockey Doku, has joined forces with PuckPedia, the Ultimate Source for Hockey Fans and Professionals!

Since launching in July 2023, Puckdoku quickly captured the attention of hockey fans across the world.  The original hockey doku grid puzzle game, Puckdoku requires fans to correctly guess players who simultaneously meet two criteria, such as playing for two specific teams.  It has become a daily ritual for fans, media, executives, and players to both answer correctly and come up with unique answers. 

PuckPedia launched in 2018 and is the go-to resource for hockey fans and professionals for team salary cap details, salary cap and CBA information, player contracts, basic and advanced stats, injury updates and transaction news. It is also the exclusive home of the Agent Leader-Board, featuring all NHL agents and their client lists. 

With this partnership, the two sites will integrate information so fans and users of both will easily spend more time playing the game, reading about it, and diving into the latest news and salary cap information for players and teams.  This is great news for fans, and not so great for work productivity!

Stay tuned for updates on exciting new features integrating the sites, including PuckPedia hosting written Puckdoku content, and much more.

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