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Jun 07 2024

Updated Version of Pick Value & Cap Relief Calculators Now Available!

The PuckPedia Pick Value Calculator is an interactive tool to compare the relative value of NHL Draft Picks. When you see NHL teams trading draft picks, ever wonder who won the trade? Want to know what combination of picks would be fair value for a team to trade up or down at the NHL draft? The PuckPedia Perri Pick Value Calculator does that for you!

Now, the PuckPedia Pick Value Calculator has been updated! You can select teams and see the pick inventory that they actually own. When selecting team's picks, you can select a specific position, or utilize the average value for the round. 

Check it out:


The PuckPedia Perri Salary Cap Relief Calculator is an interactive tool to identify the expected draft pick compensation required to obtain salary relief, based on historical trades. It leverages the Draft Pick Value table to identify an expected pick value required for salary cap relief. A third team is getting involved to retain salary in a trade? Use the calculator to see their expected compensation based on historical precedent.

With the updated version, you can select a team and a player and have their cap information populated into the calculator. 

Give it a try:

Cap Relief

The NHL Draft Pick values were created by Matt Perri, former Director of Hockey Analytics for the Arizona Coyotes Read all about Matt's methodology and data set, including the full pick value table he created, which powers the PuckPedia Perri Pick Value Calculator.

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