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Asked Mar 2, 2023 by Matt F.
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Bonus Overage & LTIR

If the Bruins finish with cap space in LTIR, can they use some of that to cover some of the bonuses earned by players like Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci and reduce the bonus overage next season?


Apr 6, 2023

No, they cannot. Performance bonuses earned are added to the team’s final season cap hit, and if the total cap hit is over the salary cap for that season, the bonuses earned are a bonus carryover overage cap hit for the next season. Even though the Bruins could finish with space in LTIR, due to using LTIR they will finish the season with a final cap hit over $82.5 million. That means that any bonuses earned will automatically be a carryover cap charge for next season.

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