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Rejecting Qualifying Offers

Asked Aug 3, 2023 by Jack

If the RFA rejects the qualifying offer then do they negotiate with the team for a new offer because they want a better or longer deal? Ie. why would they reject? 
Also I feel like the qualifying offer is usually rejected, is this the case?


Aug 22, 2023

Teams must provide a Qualifying Offer to retain the rights of RFA's, and once they do, the Qualifying Offer is open for acceptance until July 15.  In most cases, the Qualifying Offer is not accepted, and the player signs for more.  There are a few reasons why a player would not accept their qualifying offer:

-They believe they're worth more than the Qualifying Offer

-A Qualifying Offer is 1 year, and the player wishes to negotiate a longer term deal

-The Qualifying Offer is a 2-way deal (provides a lower salary in the minors) and the player wants to sign a 1-way deal (even if the NHL portion is less than on the 2-way Qualifying Offer)