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Entry level performance bonuses

Asked Nov 12, 2023 by Michal

If "A" Bonuses are worth $212,500 each why are Brennan Othmann's performance bonuses 450k, and Braden Schneider;s 400k. Both 450k and 400k are not multiplies of 212.5k


Mar 21, 2024

For players drafted prior to 2022, each "A" performance bonus is worth $212.5K, and the maximum total that can be in a contract is $850K. 

The teams and players can negotiate the maximum total bonuses earned, and that number can be anywhere from $0 up to the $850K maximum. In the case of Othmann and Schneider, it was negotiated at $450K and $400K respectively. That means that the 1st bonus they earn is $212.5K. For Othmann, the second bonus earned would be another $212.5K, and then if he earned a 3rd bonus, it would only be $25K as his maximum is $450K. For Schneider, his second bonus would only be worth $187.5K as that takes his earnings to the maximum $400K that was negotiated in his contract.