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Asked Aug 18, 2022 by Reed W

Cap Space Accrual

When teams are accruing space from the beginning of the season to the trade deadline is it X cap space available multiplied by the number of days from season start to the trade deadline?


Sep 2, 2022

At the deadline, there are usually about 41 days left out of a 186 day season.  That means that at the deadline, a player's cap hit will only count 41/186 of their annual cap hit on the new team.  Therefore, a team's projected cap space for the year can fit 186/41 (4.53) Annual Cap Hit at the deadline. For example, if a team has $1M projected cap space for the year and that accrues, at the deadline they can add $1M * (186/41) = $4.54M in Annual Cap Hit.

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