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Asked Jul 14, 2021 by Perry K.
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Duncan Keith Potential Recapture

If Keith retires after the upcoming season, what are the repercussions?


Jul 13, 2021

If Keith were to retire after this 21-22 season (with 1 season remaining), it would trigger a recapture cap hit for Chicago and Edmonton.  The recapture is the difference between the cap hit and the compensation for all the years the player played on a team. For Keith, if he retired after 21-22, the recapture would be:

-Chicago recapture charge of $7,476,918. The charge would be allocated as $5,538,462 (Keith's original cap Hit) in 22-23, and the remaining $1,938,456 in 23-24

-Edmonton recapture benefit of $3,438,462 in 22-23; this is a negative cap hit (cap savings)

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