Why is Meier RFA after Contract

Asked Jul 5, 2019 by Rowdy
San Jose Sharks logo Why is Meier RFA after Contract

I'm used to the notion that seven years of playing in the NHL (or in the AHL or ECHL for that matter) should carry you straight to UFA status. Why is Timo Meier not an UFA at the end of his new deal?

Jul 5, 2019

Seven Accrued seasons are needed for UFA status. An Accrued season is defined as a year in which a skater is on an NHL roster for at least 40 games (30 games for Goalies).  If a player is on the NHL team's roster but injured, the team's games count towards the 40 game minimum.

In Meier's first season, he was only on the NHL roster for 34 Games, so he only has 2 Accrued Seasons. After his 4 year extension, he'll be at 6 Accrued Seasons and therefore still an RFA.

We cover this off here:  https://puckpedia.com/salary-cap/unrestricted-free-agents-ufa