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Asked Oct 7, 2020 by Daniel C.
Colorado Avalanche logo Can Erik Johnson be Traded to a team no on his 19 team list?

Can Erik Johnson be traded without approval to a team on his 19 team list? I know he has both a MNTC and what I think is a full NMC. So can he be traded, without approval to a team on his 19 team approved list? I don’t understand why he has a NMC, I understand for waivers and such, but also has a MNTC.

Oct 12, 2020

With a NMC and Modified No Trade, that means he can only be traded to the 19 teams on his approved list. To trade him to a team not on the list, he would need to approve it.  In a case with a NMC and modified No Trade, the impact of the No Move Clause is that he cannot be waived, and he must be protected for expansion purposes.