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Asked Oct 23, 2020 by Tom T.
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Engvall Waivers

Would P. Engvall have to clear waivers to be sent to the minors? His 1.25M salary would not count against the cap?


Oct 23, 2020

Since he signed his first contract at 22, Engvall is waiver exempt until he plays 70 games. However, due to the season shut-down, the 70 games is pro-rated to 67. So far, he's played 48 GP (+ 4 Qualifying Round games) so he won't require waivers until he gets to 67 (15 more games).  You can find more on waivers here:

If he were sent to the minors, the first $1.075M (burying threshold) does not count against the cap. Therefore, if he's in the minors, the Leafs' Cap Hit would be $175K.

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