NHL Trades

Jun 30 2024

The New Jersey Devils acquired Jonathan Kovacevic from the Montreal Canadiens for a 2026 4th round pick

Jun 28 2024

The Montreal Canadiens acquired a 2024 1st round pick (#21) from the Los Angeles Kings for a 2024 1st round pick (#26), 2024 2nd round pick (#57) and 2024 7th round pick (#198)

Mar 8 2024

The New Jersey Devils acquired Jake Allen from the Montreal Canadiens for a 2025 3rd round pick

Feb 2 2024

Sean Monahan trade, conditional 2027 3rd Round Pick transfers from Winnipeg to Montreal if Winnipeg wins 2024 Cup: Condition not met

Feb 2 2024

The Winnipeg Jets acquired Sean Monahan from the Montreal Canadiens for a 2024 1st round pick and a conditional 2027 3rd round pick (Condition not met)

Jan 11 2024

Montreal Canadiens acquired Filip Cederqvist from the Buffalo Sabres for future considerations

Sep 19 2023

The Montreal Canadiens acquired Tanner Pearson and a 2025 3rd round pick from the Vancouver Canucks for Casey DeSmith

Aug 15 2023

The Detroit Red Wings acquired Jeff Petry from the Montreal Canadiens for Gustav Lindstrom and 2025 Conditional 4th Round Pick

Aug 6 2023

The Pittsburgh Penguins acquired Mike Hoffman and Rem Pitlick from the Montreal Canadiens for Jeff Petry, Casey DeSmith, Nathan Legare, and 2025 2nd Round Pick

Jul 1 2023

The Washington Capitals acquired Joel Edmundson from the Montreal Canadiens for a 2024 3rd round pick and 2024 7th round pick

Jun 27 2023

The Montreal Canadiens acquired Alex Newhook from the Colorado Avalanche for a 2023 1st round pick (#31), 2023 2nd round pick (#37), and Gianni Fairbrother

Mar 3 2023

The Pittsburgh Penguins acquired Nick Bonino from the Montreal Canadiens for Tony Sund

Mar 3 2023

The Montreal Canadiens acquired Nick Bonino and a 2024 5th Round Pick from the San Jose Sharks for Arvid Henriksson

Feb 26 2023

The Dallas Stars acquired Evgenii Dadonov from the Montreal Canadiens for Denis Gurianov

Aug 18 2022

The Montreal Canadiens acquired Sean Monahan and a conditional 2025 1st round pick from the Calgary Flames for Future Considerations

Jul 16 2022

The Pittsburgh Penguins acquired Jeff Petry and Ryan Poehling from the Montreal Canadiens for Mike Matheson and a 2023 fourth round pick

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NHL Trades

National Hockey League (NHL) trades allow teams to improve their current rosters by exchanging players, prospects, or draft picks with other teams. The rules governing trades are outlined in the NHL/NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement (http://www.nhlpa.com/inside-nhlpa/collective-bargaining-agreement).

The NHL Trade Deadline

The NHL's trade deadline generally means a lot of movement among NHL hockey players. The NHL trade deadline is a much-anticipated event among hockey teams, as teams are no longer allowed to exchange players after the trade deadline has passed. This leads to many transactions. Playoff teams are loading up for what they hope is a long playoff run, and playoff hopefuls are trying to get a piece to push them over the playoff hump. At the other end of the standings, teams that will be clearly missing the playoffs want to trade older players for younger prospects or draft picks. This is especially true for players that are about to become Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA’s). For smart asset management, teams need to trade pending UFA’s for draft picks, prospects, or players with term left on contracts before they lose them for nothing on July 1. Teams that are firmly in the playoff picture or on the bubble have difficult decisions to make on their pending free agents; keep them for the rest of the season and playoffs and risk losing them for nothing afterwards, or trade them for some assets by the deadline.

This is a very exciting time for both hockey fans and analysts, who are eagerly anticipating and predicting which players will get traded and which teams they will be moving to. The Trade Deadline day usually falls within the last week of February or the first week of March, and will be on Monday February 26, 2018 for the 2017-2018 season. All the buzz about NHL trade and player movements gets much more intense as the trade deadline draws near. Make sure you checkout PuckHead GM (link) to model out the moves your team should or might make.

NHL Trade Statistics

The NHL trade deadline was established in the early 1980s and since then, there have been 539 trades made on the deadline day. This involves a total of 993 players and 344 draft picks. Over the past 15 seasons, more than 15 trades have been made on the deadline day, and there were at least 30 players traded in each season. In the past 10 seasons, the average number of NHL trades made on the deadline day was 21.5, while the average number of hockey players traded was 40.6. More specifically for the last couple of seasons, there were 68 trades in the 2014-2015 season, 52 trades made in 2015-2016, and 89 trades in the 2016-2017 season.

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