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PuckPedia is the exclusive home of the NHL Agent Leader Board. What agent currently has the most amount of money on the books? Who’s got the highest Cap Hit/AAV? PuckPedia has these answers below. Sort by Total Value of Active Contracts, Current AAV of Active Contracts, and Largest AAV. Click on an agent to see the players and contracts they represent.

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Agent Leader-Board
Rank Agent / Agency Active Contracts Total Value of Active Contracts Current AAV of Active Contracts Largest AAV of Active Contract
1 Kent Hughes
Quartexx Management
17 $243,942,501 $45,864,167 $7,250,000
Kris Letang (2014)
2 Paul Capizzano
Quartexx Management
32 $207,289,997 $53,763,333 $5,750,000
Adam Pelech (2021)
3 Darren Ferris
Quartexx Management
19 $186,623,006 $45,548,210 $10,901,333
Mitchell Marner (2019)
4 Philippe Lecavalier
Quartexx Management
8 $15,325,001 $6,691,667 $1,000,000
Nicolas Deslauriers (2020)
5 Ryan Barnes
Quartexx Management
9 $10,815,874 $7,351,708 $925,000
Adam Scheel (2021)